Thailand City plan and Color zoning

  • 2 years ago

When renting a warehouse or factory in Thailand, selecting a business location is one of the most important strategic business decisions. However, do you know where is suitable for setting up your factory or warehouse business? Let’s dive into this article which will guide you through the city plan in Thailand and the color zoning plan in Thailand for everyone to understand the geographical opportunities! 

1. What is Thailand’s city plan and color zoning for?

Firstly, the city plan is the infrastructure and development policy established by the Thailand Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning. The city plan is a geographical map, civil engineer roadmaps, city development projects, and civil policies serving as the regulation that governs Bangkok and Thailand. This master plan supports the overarching future infrastructure development such as industrial areas, public utility pathways, public transportation, and environmental impacts on the city. The Thai government has developed a color zoning plan to differentiate land properties and capabilities by using color codes. This color zoning plan is to let any company understand the business zoning easier and can operate their business effectively

2. What are the color zoning categories?

Thailand city plan and color zoning

In color zoning plan in Thailand, there are 13 color coding categories for zoning different areas in Thailand which are as following:

  1. Purple – Industrial Zone
  2. Violet – Specific Industrial Zone         
  3. Lilac – Warehouse Zone
  4. Red – Commercial Center Zone
  5. Brown – High Density Residential Zone
  6. Orange – Middle Density Residential Zone
  7. Yellow – Low-Density Residential Zone
  8. Blue – Governmental Institutions, Public Utilities, and Amenities Zone
  9. Green – Rural and Agricultural Zone
  10. Olive – Green Educational Institutions Zone
  11. White with Green – Diagonal Rural and Agricultural Conservation Zone
  12. Light Brow – Thai Art and Cultural Conservation Zone
  13. Gray – Religious Institutes Zone

The colors zoning plan is segmented into different colors and shades per category. In short, purple segments represent purple colors are industrial & warehouse zones, red is a commercial hub zone, and yellows are residential zones. Blue is the government facilities zone, greens are agricultural and conservation zone, and other colors are focused on specific minor zones. For further detail, you can check more geographical information here

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